May 26, 2009


"Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic.
Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to."
- Jim Jarmusch"
came across this subject on a blog ! it certainly has good views! if you want to read more, it might make your day!.. if you think your the first to do something and have been copied , then you probably better not go PEEK they might be talking about you!..
we all LOVE Picasso ..
Good artists copy. Great artists STEAL

May 21, 2009

New Workshops

New Workshops just went onsale a couple days ago..
Hop on over to my website and take a peek.. Also VERY exciting news, I have a guest artist coming in from California to teach 2 full days of clay silver her name is Natalie Hansen ! its soo cool, if you have ever seen it, you stamp , sculpt or lots of other options to design your own Sterling silver charms, its clay until fired in a kiln or torch then it turns to silver!!..
I also am getting ready to list a very exciting class for October, called snowglobe maddness, we will sculpt 2 items one for christmas and one for halloween and make them into snowglobes! they are so cool when done..
Workshops fill fast so dont wait too long hope to see you all enjoying art this summer! take some time for your self and indulge in a art workshop!..
also soon to tell you all of a workshop im attending in Sept ! exciting news coming soon..

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to you all..

Another reason to hug and LOVE your mother and Mother in Law!

Wishing both mine were here to hug and spoil..

Never take it for granite they will be here tomorrow ...

always a hard day for me ..

May 7, 2009

Pomegranate Bistro Workshop FUN!

Congatulations to Lisa Dupar
Modern bride magazine June/July issue recognizes 2009's 25 Trendsetters in weddings, and Lisa Dupar is on that list ! I would imagine this will now be on her wonderful wall of fame you see at her Production Kitchen/ Pomegranate Bistro restaurant in Redmond, if you have never been its a must stop enjoyment.
Soldering workshop in Redmond WA,
sorry for the blurry pictures!

Here is part of the group working
Pomegranate Bistro

Soldering workshop day

Last weekend we were in Redmond WA ,I was teaching a beginners soldering workshop.

The location was Pomegranate Bistro, home of Lisa Dupar catering,

We arrived Saturday night to meet with Midori and have dinner with her at Pomegranate, the dining area is a wall of windows into the production kitchen so you can watch the magic in there , they were busy baking red velvet cakes and looked to be some kind of breads, so much fun to sit and dine and watch this amazing kitchen at work...

Finally after 2 years I got to meet Midori,
she was adorable, she had been a buyer of my
jewelry and we finally had the chance to get together and meet!

she had flowers for us to take back to our hotel room!.

We had dinner at the bistro which was a wonderful halibut dinner.

The soldering workshop started Sunday morning, in this fabulous room pictured below,
it was a wine tasting room at the Pomegranate Bistro, , decorated in these gorgeous colors! One door looked in the production kitchen and HUGE catering room where things were a buzzin, I kept peeking back there to see what they were all doing! I actually wanted to grab an apron and get in there and PLAY!

Most the gals in the class were from Microsoft, and a very fun group,

Lisa Dupar also attended our day of art.. She was lovely and of course very talented, she made some fabulous jewelry!
Lisa's staff was happily at our service for anything we needed.

(picture of Midori working on her collage)

The day started with a toast of Mimosa's, garnished with a twirly orange peel, oh the little

things in life that make us Happy !..

Everyone went right to work creating fun collages to be the base for there new jewelry ..

The waiters often circling the room for anything we all needed and to peek at what we all were doing!.. I kept peering in to this fabulous back room with the aromas of heaven coming into our room! LOL

Lunch was served of course by Lisa's staff, and back to work we all went..

This group had lots to laugh about and chatter continued thru out the day.

The talent was oozing thru out the room , they all made some gorgeous jewelry!.

I cannot wait to go back in June ..

Midori had bought bezel charms for her group as a gift, and even treated us all to our fabulous lunch, she was so thoughtful and adorable..
Lisa gave Donna and I these fabulous gift packs with all kinds of Lisa Dupar goodies inside..

Thanks to Midori and Lisa for this fabulous day !
and Lisa for providing us the very fun use of your wine room.

May 6, 2009

Views from San Diego

We even had time to go sailing 2 days in my brothers sail boat! The San Diego Sky line from the boat

Here we are at my brothers, a View of the canyons, and this day he had his a chef come to cook us a 7 course meal, with our own personal waiter! My brother is the best, so fun and likes to entertain, we all had the best times with him, and forsure the BEST foods! ... This picture is before we all had too much WINE! LOL..Let me tell you, if Brians around theres no time to rest, we never stopped moving 1 time in 7 days! Kats Broken TOE! The first night there at 4 am a car went thru Dotties front yard missed her house and hit the home and 2 cars about 10 ft from Dotti's home! Kat was the first one on the scene, it was a very bad accident, it definanlty woke us all up! very scarry..

This is workshop day 3, at this picture we are standing literally on a CLIFF, Belinda in the back row is hanging on for dear life, if someone sneezed she would have been over the cliff!! LOL This view over looked Mission valley! BEAUTIFUL day..

sorry a few gals missing in this photo!

The Group on day 1 , we had a full house from the first to the last day!.. and look they are all still smiling at the end of the day!

Michelle hard at WOrk!

The cactus garden out our workshop area view! what a view we had..

aren't they all behaving so well! LOl.. busy designing their art work.. look we had our own fireplace for the cool mornings! Great music, fabulous garden views, and at night the Sea World fireworks!

I have to admit I cannot wait to go back....... the people are so nice, the food is so yummy and the SUN! oh how we are missing the sun here in WA!.. so much icky rain.. I have been planning some new workshops! some VERY exciting ones coming up soon.. I have a Beginners class and a bracelet class scheduled then I plan to change it up!.. some fun new ideas.. I am very much looking forward to a few road trips to teach in some fabulous places coming this fall..

I LOVED my stop at Paper tales, probably a good thing I don't live to close to that store! could get myself into trouble.. I was lucky enough to have Diane from Melrose Vintage attend 3 days of workshops , and I look forward to hopefully being in her town in the fall to teach. I had Belinda and her daughter Eva who were already amazing artists, Belinda I hope to take a class from you someday! Dottie was our fabulous Host, we had so much fun with her, Loranne was so sweet and came back again for the Bracelet class! Joan was so fun, she worked so hard her poor eyes were red and tired BUT she came again!... Jo and Penny were super fun with us for 2 days, and I can say I will never forger Penny's laugh, it needs to be on a cell phone ringer, it kept us all in stitches... Seeing Shasta was such a treat, a gal from my hometown that now lives in San Diego what a Fun SURPRISE!, we were lucky to have her back for a second day..Annette did fabulous work and was a pro at soldering, Julie, Diane and Michelle were perfectionists LOL , they all seemed to enjoy their day .. Linda and Mo did amazing work, their collages were sure a great start for there art work.. Lauren and Janice were hard at work , I think Lauren found a new love. SOLDERING! Brenda and Andrea came on day 3 for the bracelet workshop, already pro solder's they did some fabulous torching charms !..

My last day was a day with Jane, a private class and it was so FUN to get to sit and do some art with her, she is so talented and probably one of the sweetest women. We had so much to chat about she has a foundation that makes you cry to hear her talk about it.. I will share a link later on this..

Thanks so much to Bobbie our workshop home host, and to Dottie a now forever friend for all her hard work organizing this event !

May 4, 2009

Senior Prom 2009

Senior prom Pictures..(read below)
( pic below)

This is my son Tayler and his girlfriend Sidney! aren't they adorable, Senior year is about to come to an End for them , hard to believe my baby is graduating in a month! how did this happen.... makes me sad to think my parents will miss this day with us..