February 6, 2017

Oklahoma City ! I love going to Paper Crown !!

I just got home form the BEST weekend Ever ! I have to say going here to teach and I LOVE IT! I truly have Never met such loving wonderful women !.. and it sure doesn't Hurt when you LOVE the store Owner !!.. Here is Me, Heather my wonderful worker on the back side of things ! and Cindy Winter !..we were all  a little worn out  at the end of the weekend !! .. 
Heather, Terri ,Cindy 
Here is some pictures of students work Below !! They all are so Creative ! and so Lucky to have this store to go take wonderful classes !! I'm so JEALOUS !! . the wonderful Jackie Peters teachers there and her classes always look so beautiful!..
There is a NEW Online workshop Milagros part 3 starting in March ! you won't want to miss this fun Online class !! a teaser of some techniques above ! 

Look at these sweet bezels Jackie made ! aren't they just beautiful ! 
they are awaiting ice resin! My favorite resin !! 
This class we learn to make bezels, doing layers and layers inside !! 

Look at these Beautiful Flowers I got from Cindy ! have I mentioned I LOVE HER !!.. 

Have a Happy February Everyone ! 

March 28, 2010

Dream Girls Weekend

So the planning began several months ago.
Lots of behind the scenes creative thinking, the PRESSURE was on, we knew all these girls would arrive with camera in hand!! LOL.....
Tiffany had asked me to come teach a workshop in her home & town, I was honored to say the least.. Tiffany is the most honest open hearted women I have ever met...
The day she sent the invites out to attend, the class was FULL! How amazing is that..
The pictures tell the story..
Tiffany left it up to me what to teach, and so I chose a little Easter project.. Adding learning to solder to the mix with collage, most the class had already tryed there hand at the addicting art.
They were all given this fabulous folder that JOY made here on SECRET assignment!
Their folders were made from vintage wallpapers , vintage papers and ribbons,and personally tagged with there names and event, it was also full of fun embelishments, gifts and candy..
The weekend started with an evening dinner party at Tiffany's home , and let me say the HOME was beyond eye candy, you just couldn't take it all in, I walked around with my camera in hand and realizing I wasn't taking many photos as I was so in aw just looking at everything. We were all welcomed with Chocolate martinis and the best appetizers!
It was a Birthday party for Isabelle and Tammy which made the opening night even more festive!
Tiffany had a friend who also caters do the food, over the top YUM!..
As the evening slowed down, most the girls went to the "Yella Beak Saloon", which what happens at the Beak stays at the Beak if you know what I mean.. hahaha
Breakfast was amazing bakery treats, and then up to the studio Donna and I went to set up.. The project was all top secret, no one knew what they were there to create.... In this group were 4 professional photographers, and let me tell you how hard it is to DUCK and HIDE from 15 women all with camera in HAND! ughhh me and cameras don't see eye to eye!! LOL...
I will let the photos tell the rest of the story, it was an amazing heart felt day,lots of laugher , talent and some shed tears, Tiffany opened the art day with a speech from her heart and let me tell you, there wasn't a dry eye in the room!.. We all had some fun photo opps that I cannot wait to see! so many cameras flashing!! ACk..
Kris from Todays Country store was kind enough to take me to the store to shop after hours! I didnt buy a thing hee hee ( in case hubby reads this ! ) I just LOVE that store full antiques..
Kimberly Tayler an amazing photographer shared some of her photos with me! thanks so much Kim...
I am so blessed to have crossed paths with Tiffany,and I think every lady there felt the same..
If your interested in an art retreat in your home or town, e-mail me and I can tell you how.. I think private home workshops are an amazing day for women to let go and enjoy getting spoiled while making A R T .

January 1, 2007

About Me

At my daughters wedding - 2013
 About me...
Born and raised in WA State,
I have an identical twin sister ! and a brother..

I live in Chehalis, with my Husband of 26 yrs, two children, a daughter 25 and a son 22 and my sweet little doggie ozzie..

My home growing up wasn't always the happiest of places , growing up with an extreme Bi-polar mother and an alcoholic father, this made me grow up rather quickly, always having to be the caregiver, from a very young age.
I am not complaining, I feel like this made me who I am today, my parents were GREAT parents , we had everything we could possibly ever want growing up, my father was a very successful  Building Contractor and land developer,  my mother was an amazing  interior designer.
Later in my childhood when my mother became ill, life seemed to change over night ..... sadly..
I wont go into details,  mental illness is a very hard illness  on families, and those suffering, and is very real in lives today .

I could write a book on growing up with my sweet mother and her hardest of days... I believe today I am who I am now because of seeing things in real life,it makes a kid grow up real fast..

As an adult I created papier mache and was blessed to be in the design world for many years. I designed for several gift ware companies. and even designing in China on a design team to research and evaluate products and licensing for various gift industries.

But then things changed and I found that when life throws you the darkest of days, it seems impossible to find your creativity..

I know this all too well, because it happened to me in 2001 at age 38.
My life was shattered..  In a very short time span I lost my mother, father, grandmother, and mother-in-law. It seemed my art had forever left me.   I honestly didn't’ think I would do anything with the creative abilities I once loved,ever  again.

After all the losses so quickly in my life, my joyful, creative side went too.  I cleaned house, literally and figuratively. I gave away anything and everything that had to do with art. I cleaned out all my drawers and closet's from all my art supplies. 

When you’re down and depressed the last thing possible was to embrace some  creativity.
My dearest friend saw me sinking, as I purged all my art supplies, shocking my friends and family that knew and loved me. She urged me to take an art workshop, but I  just wasn't interested, many times over she would ask . I had no interest in learning anything  creative really. 

One day, she picked me up and off we went. I thought we were going shopping. Little did I know we were going to an Art Workshop. I wasn’t thrilled when I arrived, to say the least. As the day progressed something happened; I was having FUN!  Something had been rekindled. I found my "HAPPY" once again and loved the class. It was indeed, truly life changing. I went home so excited and have never looked back. This became the best day of my new life! it was truly life changing for me..

If I can encourage anyone to do so, take a workshop--whether local, online, or on an adventure to new places with friends! These classes and events are everywhere. That workshop day in 2004 was the beginning for me--I now teach and meet women with amazing stories and gifts to share. In 2008 I started a women’s Art Retreat known as Art Camp on the Oregon Coast. Women fly from all over the world to attend. Some come alone not knowing a soul, and leave with 25 forever friendships, and art experiences to treasure forever. What happens there is pure magic! I believe women need this time to learn, to regroup and refresh, and find the joy I have found in art and creativity.

There is truly nothing more humbling then to hear over and over how I have changed someone's life,  and in the end they all have changed mine.....

If there is anything you can do for yourself, its don't live the past, and look forward to the FUTURE! You are the only one in charge of your story book ending.....