January 30, 2013

Came to say GoodBye........

well.. that was my full intention.. I had decided that I was going to delete my blog, after 12 years I felt it was time to say goodbye, Ive never been a good blogger anyways so i thought I  finally needed to let my Facebook page "Terri Brush Workshops" take precedence...

So I sat down this morning with my cup of coffee, just got back from Seat Tac dropping off the husband, and decided on my jaunt back home it was time to say goodbye ..
 So I open my blog, and this music starts playing, I thought it was my computer doing some weird glitch with my music.. so I played with all the whistles and bells and this music was still blasting ! good grief I thought what the heck.. little did I realize that MUSIC I heard was my blog playing music ! has it been that long I forgot my blog had music YES! 
my last post was about Fall Art Camp, it was busy ,a little CRAZY at times, and AMAZING all in the same weekend..
Lots has happened since then.. My son moved out and got his own place, that was hard on this Momma, empty nest has set in!.. luckily I keep busier  then ever to keep my mind off it..
My Studio has been photographed for a Magazine, I will be sharing my little slice of heaven one day soon with you all, it where I am when I am home alone, well thats where me and Ozzy spend a lot of time ! LOL..
My Plan was to slow down this year, but My calendar is Fluffier then last year ! HOW does that happen? my secretary keeps filling me in with workshops !! ( that would be mE) LOL..

anyways back to that good bye......I just cant do it yet, it was like coming home coming back in here, looking at my list of BLOGS I lOVE, that I haven't sat down to read for over a year... I think its time I revisit and see what I have been missing on the outside world !..

I would Like to ask you all to LIKE  my facebook page, its where I am more then here, and I have the WHOLE month of FEBRUARY every SUNDAY, A FREE giveaway of an online class I offer, your choice which one ! but you cannot win if you dont LIKE my page..
so get over there and " LIKE"
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Bead and Needle said...

If you need comments to keep you here, I'm your girl. I have to tell you that you've provided some of the most fun I have EVER had creating, from the online soldering class I took from you this past summer...INCREDIBLE amounts of fun, and probably the most I've EVER learned in a class...hands on/in person, or online!!!!! I'm in your facebook group, but not a big talker there...but I'm there. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Terri!!! You ROCK, so much more than you know, Terri!

Rusty Bucket Designs said...

Hey Terri. I have just finished watching the videos for the class I won online. So cool, I love the techniques and projects you showed. It sparked so many ideas, especially the heart with Valentines coming up. So, now to compile my supplies and get to work! Terry