March 14, 2012

a quick whisk thru CA!

Wow is all I can say! I had the VERY best tour guide EVER! thank you so MUCH Vickie and Ray for the wonderful hospitality and FUN!.. our wheels didn’t stop moving!..

I got to go to the LA fashion District and OH BOY, could have spent literally days there, so many things to see fabrics galore, jewelry findings and MORE!..

got to see the famous ALLEY! , found a few things for my daughters wedding  which made it even MORE SPECIAL!..

I taught my class at Jenny Doh’s  Studio, I ADORE this WOMEN! she makes me laugh OUT LOUD!! haha ..

click here for her pics from the class .

we had a fun lunch break and Ran thru GLITTERFEST! who knew we got to do that, I saw so many familiar faces, students, online students and old friends .. so many I wanted to meet but didn’t get a chance too.. we truly whisked thru..  horrible PIC of me below.. not sure what word I was spitting out ! LOL..



some students work.. it was magical.. from the second we landed to the second we left…


by Brenda Bamford


By Cynthia Manarino


By jenny Doh

next up is Spring Art camp, oh BOY! the work begins.. Fall camp has a few remaining spaces and it’s a KNOCK OUT line UP! goodness, I cannot WAIT to tell ALL the NEWS on fall camp, its over the top exciting to say the LEAST!..

The adorable Melody Ross is my special guest and I mean SPECIAL in every way! what an honor… and the super wonderful Tiffany Kirchner Dixon will be there to capture all the memories, and we have plenty of those..

hugs everyone..

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Petie said...

Love the new hair do. The blonde is so Ooh Laa Laa...Hope all is well. Hugs...