August 14, 2011

Maybe a cocktail will help!


007Gosh , WHAT is wrong with me I get so Side tracked all day long.. here is an example of today.. let  the dog outside to go potty, see the fish need fed , so I get their food, as I am feeding the fish I throw the hose in the water to fill the pond a couple inches, hear the phone ring, run back inside, cannot find the phone, see the clothes in dryer need folded, start to fold them,  see the garbage is full, stop to empty garbage to remember the POND is filling with water, run outside its overflowing for a good half an hour ! See the lawn mower and decide to mow, start mowing and run out of gas,leave the mower sitting in the middle of the yard to go get gas, and walk thru the salon to see the floor needs mopped, go get mop and forgot about the salon and Mopped the kitchen floor, remember I had half folded the laundry, head back that way to remember my soldering iron was on and I had started some necklaces, pass the laundry room to forget I was going to solder AGAIN and empty garbage!.. OMG it goes on and on, as I start all these unfinished projects ! good grief I NEED a DRINK!.. LOL.. my brain is always way ahead of my body!.. if they could all just slow down……..and to top it off, started some metal etching, and left it in the etchant too long to find my metal barely left ! ughh GADS!



Here is some fun photos of the day, and my new chandeliers ! LOVE THEM!  About that DRINK! I better head to the Bar before I forget where I was going NEXT!



The froggy has been living at my front door for a month now, he swims in the pond, and lives in the birdhouse ! he is super tiny, all the girls here a week ago were taking a photo shoot of the poor little guy! he even let them touch him! he changes color, if he is in the house, he is the color of the house, if he is by the flowers he turns green!..

Hugs Everyone !

ps.Soldering iron on, Lawn not mowed, sprinklers came on , now grass wet, mower wet! CALGON HELP! ..Oh I better go fold the laundry ! gotta go…


Alice said...

Oh my gosh that's too funny!!! I go through days like this more often than not. It makes me think about a book my children loved when they were young,'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' which went along in a similar fashion.

I hope tomorrow is much better...

Rochelle said...

So funny Terri!! Can't wait to see your "little" frog this weekend....looking forward to learning new things!
xo Rochelle

tinkerverve said...

I'm pretty sure that you just described the average day of the typical housewife...I can really relate to that! :) so many wonderful distractions {and some not-so} to be had!

KatCollects said...

This sounds so like me, I get distracted so easy. Wishing you a beautiful week.

Tina Schiefer said...

Whew!!! I'm outta breath for you...but I too have days like this...most days...I think it's the mind of a creative person...but at least we're not stuck in a cubicle!