June 22, 2011

I just CANT get enough …

Ok , While I was in California, all the ladies were talking Pinterest! 

Whattttttttt the heck I thought, well when Suzi showed me online, I truly  about fell OVER! Really I did, it was SOOO AMAZING!

picture after picture of amazing inspiration!..

you MUST go check  it out

Like this picture! doesn’t it look like ME! lilacs

or this one, I think its from my Studio! LOL..



And then the FOOD! who would have thought of 

Red velvet cupcakes in a JAR!

Oh gosh does this look like Art camp !… hmmmmm

I have been so busy, while I had a month off from teaching, my husband and I took on a POND project!, well kind of, he wasn’t  as real thrilled about it as I was, and the MORE he dug the hole, the more worried I got it could be my burial site ! LOL… EEK we don’t do well in yard projects!.. but its done, 2 full weeks, of digging and hauling rocks, and plants and rocks and rocks… ughh our aching BACKS, thank gosh for Billie to the rescue !!

I will get you a picture to show off, it’s a waterfall, then goes into a river under our front deck and to a pond on the other side, very soothing to listen too..

Lots of NEWS to tell……..

for Art camps, First off, Summer camp is only 5 weeks away, SOLD OUT and the planning has begun!.. EEEK… where does all the time go…

Fall Art camp , also SOLD OUT

is on the horizon, the teachers are listed now and the planning in their minds  are bursting ! go hop on over and take a peek at the things coming to fall camp!. I am VERY excited to be having

Jenny Doh as our special GUEST!..

NOW who wants to talk about 2012 ! ughh NOT ME!, so I will make this BRIEF!.. July 1st SPRING camp goes on sale, and I have  VERY EXCITNG JEWELRY  CLASSES being taught there ! WAIT until you see who is TEACHING for 2 DAYS!! … drum roll..

Oh wait… ughh

I have to let her Announce it.. so HANG tight… hints will be out soon.. but here is one,

she is from OREGON and has a new book coming out soon… ???

and ‘ I am teaching a

2 day papier mache class in JULY 

here in my home studio July 9,10th!  I only do it 1 time a year so you better get on over to my website to sign up!..



is coming here in AUGUST to teach 2 days !! how exciting for all of us ..click here to view.

Happy gardening everyone!..


Maija said...

You are so funny....hubby digging the hole...
We are going to have to find you a venue in Colorado
so I can see you!!!

Doreen said...

Hello Terri. I love your work! I have always...ALWAYS..wanted to learn the art of soldering jewelry..gosh how I wish I was close enough to take one of your classes!!!

:)Wishing you a great day

Charlene said...

My buddy Riki ROCKS!!!! LOVE HER TO PIECES!!!! Everyone should have a chance to meet her. Sure wish I could come play but, I'll be taking a class with Diana Frey so my time is gobbled this go round. HAVE FUN! I KNOW YOU WILL!!!!