February 19, 2011

Is DeadHorse a town you want to visit?

Just the name of the town makes you want to RUN fast doesn’t it.. DeadHorse Alaska, better known as Prudhoe Bay Alaska, where my husband works.. The last 2 months he has been in the frozen tundra working so  hard, total darkness, often –70 below zero!


people ask me where does your husband work, so I tell them , they just don’t really quite get where he is? I am always asked Do you go visit..!!! umm NO.. maybe after seeing some of these pictures you will see why.. SONY DSC

This picture is taken in the winter in the day time! yes no SUN !!


if your not careful, this can happen ! So far its not making me want to go visit is it you??


This is what the Oil Field camps look like, for miles and miles and miles, its all flat frozen tundrastructure-on-pylons

here is the Housing? its not really my color? Northern-Lights

Now if I got to see these beautiful northern lights, I may go  for the day!! LOLdeadhorse

But then you have to come back to this town! and I think well maybe I wont go! ..

prudhoe bay

But then again here is a nice Villa all nice and cozy and warm! NOT…

I am excited to see my Husband,  we will be celebrating out 25th wedding anniversary when he arrives home, and I am taking him on a SURPRISE get away to HERE.pool

So he can warm up with maybe a few cocktails and Sunshine!..

my next stop is DREAM GIRLS weekend ,  I had Joy here working herself to the bones on kits and goodies for all the lovely ladies arriving from all across united States..its very humbling to teach a class and meet all these fabulous new amazing women.

Then in April we are back to the Oregon Coast to Art Camp!  you MUST check it out..

I have exciting news , I will be back in CA in May to teach at the home of Joy Campbell, and proud to say it SOLD out the first day! WHOO HOOO isn't that just FUN for an instructor to hear..!..

I also have something so exciting to announce , but unfortunately it  isn't out of the BAG yet, so late March I can tell…. don’t you HATE it when people do that.. stay tuned hope to see you all on the Art Trails somewhere soon.,.



Breathing Beside Us said...

Okay, call me!!!!! I want to know NOW!!!!!

Auntie Joy said...

If he reads this the SURPRISE is out??? Maybe no internet with that much cold? Nice pictures, but I'm with you, no desire to see it first hand!

Charlene said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is all I can say! And I don't blame you for not visiting him. But, your surprise is so sweet of you. Hope you both have a blast. Congrats on the 25 year mark. We had our 40th & I can't believe it. Joy invited me out for her event but, darn... I couldn't make it. We'll get something set up soon. Have fun on all your travels. Charlene

Rochelle said...

I'm with you and would have NO desire to visit this place - bless your husband for being one of those few who do it for us!
Congrats on your upcoming 25th and I can't wait for dream girls!! countdown is on.....
xo Rochelle

tinkerverve said...

I love this post because I love Alaska...didn't live up there long but two of my babes were born there. {I don't want to live in Deadhorse though!}
Happiest of Anniversaries to YOU. My last wonderful trip was on my 25th. Enjoy!!!

Alice said...

All I can say is 'Oh My!'

I'm sure he'll enjoy your anniversary surprise!

paperbird said...

Oh it just looks sooooo cold! My hubby is going there in a few weeks to ski- i am happy to stay home! LOL!

Happy anniversery and have a wonderful time with your sweetie.