July 24, 2010

San Diego recap...

The trip started with a truck full of women! and a trailer FULL of Antiques. Me, Cindy , Joy and Elizabeth all off for a 2 week long adventure.So first I have to share some pictures with you all of our wonderful trip to San Diego and beyond.. The pictures aren't in order of the story! so follow me along wont you..
Our first stop was Lodi California, we arrived at about 2 am, and missed getting to visit our friend Natalie Hansen , next time we will have more time I hope..
This was the girls room at my brothers home , this room was HUGE with 3 beds for all of us girls to share!.. My favorite color walls EVER!..
We spent a LOT of time in this room giggling , like college girls do! and talking about all of you silly people..LOL
The last leg of the trip was our shopping at Alameda Flea! Joy and Cindy were busting to get there, as the clock struck 4 am with a little over 3 hrs of sleep! we were all up and ready to GO! .......... so off we went with our running shoes and shopping carts..(Did I mention the trailer was already JAMMED full of Antiques before we got there?) and that it ALMOST was Stolen.... another story..

More Alameda, with San Francisco in the back ground.. It was a gorgeous sunny morning . I was so excited to see Colleen Moody there , it was such a surprise to hear my name.... I thought WHO in the world knows me here? it was Colleen, how in the world did she recognize me??.. I was looking quite nice for no sleep! LOL "NOT".. she caught me later sitting texting my family LOL she was a women with a mission, after all it was the 4th of July and she was hosting a party later... Darn if we only knew where she lived we could have crashed her Party!..

This is back in San Diego, after our shows and me teaching we were pretty exhausted, spending a whole day doing nothing at my brothers in our Jammie's all day , the next day was sailing, and it as always was fabulous..

I always LOVE to go to Old town in San Diego , my favorite Mexican restaurants ever !.. somehow I always forget the LINES at restaurants there!.. but worth the wait..

We went a couple days to Pacific Beach, the shopping is fun there, and a must stop is Vignettes store full of eye candy!..and always a trip to HOODADS for burgers and beer..

My brothers home has a view of Sea world and San Diego , so every night we sat and watched the fabulous firework displays as we sipped our homemade Margarita's.. YUM!

Here is the pier at Pacific beach, we went out here on one morning for a really yummy breakfast.. The smell of the sea air and blue Sky's sure is a wonderful combination..

Here is a gorgeous sunset !.. The weather stayed pretty cloudy on most days, they called it June gloom!.. I don't think they really KNOW what June GLOOM is tho LOL..

Our day sailing... went off with out a hitch, well...... there is one little hitch we wont tell ya much , but lets just say it had to do with the Potty ROOM!. hahahaha you had to be there to really appreciate the SPRAY of it all. Joy being the team leader gave Brian a helping hand.. :)

Look at this sunrise! Oh MY!.. unbelievable to see, with a starbucks coffe in hand, our driver Cindy just LOVES starbucks ....

The yummy burgers from Hoodads... its really not as good as it looks!!.. haha .. well maybe:)

Here is Joys beach towel (below)... isn't it pretty colors, she was already to take in the sun by the pool at my brothers , when we well, kinda helped her into the pool first !... Luckily she did know how to swim!..

Each night after my class's, we would go to Dotti's adorable home in Mission Hills and have drinks and yummy food with her and
Julie Haymaker Thompson,Julie spent the weekend with Dotti,
one night Julie made us the most fabulous dinner ever!
she is so adorable, the wine was flowing and we were all telling stories, we sure all had some GOOD laughs we actually laughed all the way back to Brians, as we QUIETLY snuck in the house at 2 am! someone was NOT drinking too much!!! ....
I LOVE being around Julie , we have so much FUN together !... I was thrilled to have her come to 3 days of workshops with me ,all the students were really thrilled to see her there too.. .... her work is fabulous, if you can forsure TAKE her workshops, shes teaching at quite a few locations now.. We also spent a day in LA at some
top secret shopping stops!
Cindy and Joy were a Buzzing with all there shopping GLORY..
but I am SWORN to secrecy to WHERE we went... all I can say is you MUST go to Cindy's barn sales to see what she bought!..
The trip home was long, we were all pretty tired of talking LOL even Joy was quiet which I dont think happens too often... LOL...
Cindy had picked up some southern bell lingo , and for some reason it was VERY contagious! yeeealll .. LOL...... We were glad to get out the busy City life BUZZ and back to the calm country sides of WA and Oregon..
The trailer was JAMMED full, and I do mean JAMMED FULL.. we barely had room in the truck for us all to sit, I guess that was telling us it was time to get home...
We were all glad to get home, it was a very memorable trip for sure, lots of laughing went on at 1 am daily LOL!..
would I do it again, YOU BET!.. I miss those girls after 2 weeks with them....
I will do one more post, to tell you about some of the amazing women we met along the way and some more fun stops, like Gilding the Lily..
My classes were so fun, the classroom was PERFECT! all set up already for class, how lucky was that.. I will be back in Solona Beach to teach some fun Holiday workshops in November, they will go onsale Sept 15th I believe..
My next stop is Art Camp in Lincoln City Oregon, I am pretty jazzed about this, as usual its going to be pretty Fabulous if I do say so myself!and Joy, Cindy and Elizabeth with be also coming along for the adventure ......
I have 2 amazing guest Teachers coming, Christy Meyers, and Tiffany Kirchner Dixon, and people are flying in from 7 different states! how exciting.I have 2 spots that are forsale by one attendee, she is ill and cannot come, she is offering her 2 spaces at a discount if anyone wants to join us.. let me know SOON...
and then in OCT .......Boo..
MOST exciting news.... Cindy is hosting me 2 days of workshops over HALLOWEEN WEEKEND at her BARN, with SHOPPING on friday night, yummy food, the Tarte~a~licious drink and MORE.. oh dear, its going to be some over the top fun times for sure, we planned for the whole 2 weeks we were gone, our minds together were exploding with ideas, with Joy and Elizabeth throwing out their ideas as well, we were all so EXCITED..
This is Limited seatting and goes onsale Aug 1st to the first 20 lucky ladies on my website.
The best part ever is each attendee gets 150.00 each class is the most amazing gifts ever! all made by me and Cindy... oh dear I cannot keep telling our secrets... I must hush for now... stay tuned ...


Auntie Joy said...

That bedroom was really SOMETHING! And am I ever glad you didn't show pictures of me lounging on that beach towel! We certainly saw lots of "God's Country" if you know what I mean! I had the best time ever and miss you tons! Looking forward to Art Camp!

Rochelle said...

Oh Terri - loved this post! And if the bedroom of your brother's house is any indication of what the rest of it looks like, book me a room! :)
Can't wait till Art Camp and am counting the days....i just hope these puppies are long gone soon so I don't have to find a puppy-sitter!
And, can't wait to see more of the Tarte Barn details - I am going to try and swing it even if I should be home finishing up projects for a november faire I'm in!

Colleen said...

ok I want to stay in that bedroom....OH...MY...GOODNESS !! Great finally meeting you at Alameda. I would have spotted you a mile away!!


Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

Terri...I can't wait to meet you when I get to attend one of your classes in November.. while visiting my sister Jane!!!
I really loved this posting and thank you for sharing all your fun with these gals! I am so in love with the bedroom you girls slumbered in! :)
I hope you don't mind that i've added your blog to my side bar as I want to be a frequent visitor to all your escapades! ;)

When you get the chance come by to say hello!