March 5, 2010

Time for Family

Spending some much need time away with family.. We are in Bend Oregon one of my favorite family vacation stops.. part of us went Skiing today and the other part went hiking.. Laci, Frank and me and ozzy took the hike to Smith Rock, it was so sunny and gorgeous today, Ozzy is on his first family vacation and loving LIFE!.. Our home is on the river with swans and ducks waiting to be fed!.. The picture below is people rock climbing , it was fun to just sit and watch them in the middle of this HUGE rock.. Took a few Pictures along the hike.. will be back tomorrow to share the home !! its amazing.. hot tubing on the river is just clue ..
Laci and Frank watching the rock climbing !
Ozzy on our dock just wanting to JUMP in and catch a duck!! LOL.. they are funny birds, they snap at him and hiss! LOL.. not afraid at all.


Auntie Joy said...

Looks like a great time!

Halo Hill said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, hope you are having fun!! Looks like you are. What a neat pic of Frank and Laci. That girl is so sweet and so cute!! Relax and enjoy!


paperbird said...

that first photograph kind of made me sick- i am afraid of heights! Is that your daughter- boy she is a beauty!

Maija said...

So good you took some time with family!! Looks like fun!!