February 13, 2009

SweetHearts Weekend

Valentines weekend! who doesnt love to spend time with their sweetheart!.. I am such a lucky gal..
My Hubby flew home early this morning after 3 long weeks of work in the Arctic and Minus -50 below and LOWER ever day ! he finished his shift with working 34 hours with no sleep by the time he landed it was 48 hours with him awake! needless to say he is sweetly snoozing.
I happily left at 3 am this morning to pick him up!..
He is my husband and my BEST friend! we just have so much fun together..
We are thinking we might get in the car and head for Canada for some skiing.. We all enjoy to get out in the sun and SNOW!
We usually head to Sun River Oregon for our favorite Skiing destination, but thought a little different venue would be fun for a change !
Besides FEBRUARY being Valentines day , its also my Birthday month which is DOUBLE trouble as I have a IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER, so we doublely get showerd all month with fun gifts..
HOPE you all have a SWEETHEART weekend planned !
Happy Valentines DAY!

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Ginny Diezel said...

Cool post! Have a great day with Frank! xoxo G.